Some interesting philosophy blogs

As we enter the unit on philosophy of religion, I want to point out some interesting philosophy blogs on the subject.

The Prosblogion is a blog devoted to philosophy of religion. (The title is a pun on “The Proslogion”, the title of the famous work by Anselm in which the ontological proof for God appears.) Here’s one of the recent interesting articles that appeared there.

Alexander Pruss is a philosophy professor at Baylor. He is a Christian. I love reading his blog, although it can be quite technical, even including frequent posts on mathematics.

In Living Color is a blog by Jean Kazez, a philosopher who write about animal rights, feminism, and atheism, among other things. Her blog is a lot easier to read than the two I mentioned above. She seems to me to have a lot of common-sense wisdom about things, even though her views are very different than mine.

What there is and why there is anything hasn’t been updated a lot recently, but it’s got some interesting posts about the origin of the universe. Variants of the first-cause argument and the fine-tuning argument get discussed a lot. Most of the posters are skeptical of both arguments, and of philosophers of religion in general.

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